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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

New laws have made it easier for clients to put their land to work in order to address the Affordable Housing Crisis. Not only is there income potential in having a rentable ADU or JADU on your property, but these units also provide flexibility for family members to live. Communities thrive when we live connected and in a community. Did I mention, there are rebates and incentives for homeowners to build these units on their properties?  This also works for HOA communities as well, restrictions for these units is no longer allowed. Find out more by booking an appointment with me. Some Materials to get you started: 

ADU Handbook

ADU Best Practices and Planning

Grant Opportunities Through CalHFA

First-Time Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance

The Affordable Housing Crisis has created opportunities for prospective homeowners to build generational wealth which is a driving force for economic development in our communities. More often than not, the communities that are impacted more are Black and Brown communities along with other communities of color. I specialize in helping the first time home buyers navigate the assistance programs available and connect them with non profits that can help, like the Neighborhood Housing Services. Check out one of their free first time home buyer workshops.

Turf Removal Programs in your City 

There is a reason I go by "Agent Yogi Plants" on Instagram. I have a deep appreciation for plants and take a yogic approach to home buying. We are intrinsically connected with our green space, and it's even more essential in our highly technologically advanced daily life. I recognize that the fuel to keep these beauties alive is precious. We are in a water conservation and storage crisis in Southern California. How we think about water capture and water storage, along with landscape design based on our USDA Zone, is crucial. Many client don't know there is money available to help with those conversions based on your zone. See why more clients are asking how to navigate these turf rebates. When you work with a partner who is passionate about conservation and sustainability, it ends up making some economic dollars and cents, and sense. 


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