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A Gift of Debt Management - A $250 Value

"I'll Save. Then Manage debt.  Then I'll Buy. Then I'll be ready." 

Does this sound Familiar? I hear this a lot from my clients and prospects. Sometimes we need some help getting on track. This is why I am excited to offer a solution courtesy of a friend and vendor partner. Watch the video to hear what the mathematical system, the Debt Shredder, does to help homeowners manager their debt and mortgage payments to maintain and build your wealth.

Every individual is unique and every analysis is custom. Most customers find they save thousands in juggling interest rates.

Vendor Highlight: The Debt Shredder with Priscilla Dicken

Vendor Highlight: The Debt Shredder with Priscilla Dicken

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Redeem certificate, valued at $250, for a Consultation

DebtShredder / WealthBuilder System has helped thousands Turn Debt To Wealth. We provide you  with a customized report to see how much interest & payoff years you can save off of all your current debt.  

  • Unlike the home buying process, we won't ask for any private information such as Social Security, credit card or account numbers. We just need basic math, our algorithm does the rest.

  • We have helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of businesses Turn Debt To Wealth.

  • In the majority of cases we can save you in both time & interest fees

  • Once that debt is paid off, you can use that savings to create wealth, through residential purchase or other investment.

Call Priscilla 619-253-2259


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